What To Bring


what to bring offshore fishing so you get the most from your Key West fishing charter experience. Below are some common items that people as us about when it comes to what to bring on an offshore trip. Please review the points below feel free to reach out if you have any questions. If you forget something at home there are several shops located at the dock that carry most items you may need.


No license is needed for salt water fishing. We encourage you to bring minimal items in your wallet.


We have coolers on the boat for your food and drinks. We encourage you to keep a cooler in your car or truck for your fish when you return to port.


Water is provided on the boat. Please bring any additional beverages you will want.


Bring snacks and any meals you need. We recommend fresh sandwiches and other healthy items. Greasy foods can easily develop into an upset stomach on choppy days.


The sun on the water can be intense. Make sure you don’t get too much sun. Bring your sun block, and make sure it is waterproof.


Bring sea-sickness medicine (Dramamine). Also, bring any medication you normally need.


Please bring a light rain slicker just in case. While most of the time it doesn't rain offshore there are times that some showers do pass through. We also have an indoor cabin to stay dry.


The sun on the open water can be intense. Make sure you bring those sunglasses. We recommend for the best offshore experience that you bring Polarized sunglasses.


A hat with a bill is a great idea. (A baseball hat, fishing cap, etc.)


Wear white-soled, non-marking sneakers or boat shoes. Make sure your shoes will provide good traction when wet — you will want to have solid footing while reeling in your catches!


You’ll want to photograph your catch(es) to show off those fish! (You may want to bring a waterproof camera to be on the safe side.)


Dress in layers. Morning weather, and even open-water weather, can vary from the rest of the day. You can shed or add if you come in layers of clothing.